WordPress BootCamp: How to get your site up and running in 24 hours

ATTENTION:Online Business Owners, Virtual Assistants and other online professionals

In this day and age if you starting a business or want to work from home you need an online presence. As a potential business owner you should put your best foot forward.

By not having a website you are leaving money on the table! Your website is a reflection of you, not having a website is just bad business.

And I don't mean Facebook or Twitter profiles!

Don't get me wrong, those are also representing you and if you have inappropriate stuff on there if you're planning an online business, start deleting!

Your website is where potential clients will go to review your portfolio, testimonials, packages, rates, etc. You don't want to send your potential clients to your Facebook profile now do you?


What if I told you that you could create your WordPress website
in just 24 hours?

Doesn’t seem possible?

Well I say it can be done and I will prove it to you!

When I started my new training website I decided that instead of telling you how I created it, I would take you with me on my journey so you can see how it’s done.

You will look over my shoulder while I take all the steps necessary to create my new training site!

How exciting is that!!

We will take it one hour at a time…

Hour 1 to Hour 24!

This course is perfect for Virtual Assistants looking to create/enhance their site or provide a new service to their clients, Online Business Owners who want to spruce up their website but have no idea how to use WordPress and don’t have the money to pay a designer, Business Owners who are just starting out and want to spread their name throughout the internet and for other online professionals looking to enhance their skills.

You will receive Checklists, Reports and Workbooks on how to maintain and improve your website when it’s all done and you’ll also have access to our private forum where you can ask questions and interact with your peers.

You will not only learn how to use WordPress, which is a very marketable skill, but will also be able to apply all the information learned directly to the creation of your website.

Click Here to Get Started Now!

In this training we will cover…

Determining your Niche, Target Market and Domain

Choosing and Setting up your Hosting site

Theme Selection and Installation 

Selection and Setting up Plugin’s

Installing a Form

Creating a Banner and Freebie Offer

How to use Widgets

And More!

Bonus Mini-Crash Courses on:



Google Adsense



Plus you will receive…



Step-by-Step Webinar Tutorials


Downloadable Audio

Online Forum Support

How to Profit From Freebies – eBook, Checklist and Action Plan

Business Freebie Ideas to Attract Buyers

The best shopping carts/autoresponders for your Online Business

Press Release Submission Tips

VA Press Release Submission Template

Website Traffic CheckList

Email Marketing CheckList

Google Marketing Routine CheckList

Article Marketing Tracking Record

How to Use HostGator SiteBuilder

cPanel Overview

HostGator Support

How to Redirect your WordPress.com blog to WordPress.org with                           HostGator

Daily Organizational Worksheet

Checklist for Starting a New Business

Your Mission Statement Worksheet

Top 50 Most Competitive Online Niches

Goals and Objectives Worksheet

Aweber and GetResponse SlideUp plugin Tutorial

My Top WordPress Plugins

and More!!

WordPress Bootcamp

A Training Program Exclusively for Online Business Owners,
Virtual Assistants and other
Online Support Professionals

This is a step-by-step training program – a “let’s finally get it done” program. I will walk you through getting my new WordPress website created. You will see first hand what technical steps are needed to create your site.

A reminder of what the program includes:

  • Training Recordings so you know
    exactly what to include (and not include) on your website.
  • Lifetime Access
  • Fill-in-the-Blank Templates, CheckLists, Strategies, Action Plans and Workbooks
  • Support via our online forum
  • Tons of Bonuses
  • and Lots More!
Only $97

Rest easy – your order will be processed on our secure servers.

If you’re not enthusiastic about your own site

then how can prospective clients be interested in

working with you?

It’s very common to feel the frustration of waiting for your site to be finished or to wonder, “How will I update my site now that it has been finished?”

Luckily I’m here to tell you it’s going to be ok

I’m going to teach you EVERYTHING I know about creating blogs so you can do this for yourself and maybe even turn it into a service.

The WordPress Bootcamp is a 6 day training where I share with you the steps I take to create my new training site. You will view my computer and follow me step-by-step as I instruct you on what is needed to create your business website from the ground up.

I will walk you through all the aspects of creating your new site while giving you tips on what to do and what not to do. From finding your niche to setting up plugin’s to hosting your site to…

breathing a sign of relief when it’s all done!

Yes! I want to register for this awesome training class right now!

I understand that I will get:

  • To look over our shoulder while we create our brand new site.
  • Step-by-step instruction.
  • Lifetime access to Recordings of each webinar so you are able to review each section as many times as necessary.
  • Fill-in-the-blank Templates, Plan of Action and Workbooks.
  • CheckLists to make sure you didn’t forget anything upon completion of your site.
  • Tips, Resources, Tutorials, Reports
  • Support via our online forum.
  • Many, many Bonuses
  • Some Homework will be required.
Join us for just $97.00
for all 6 Classes + Bonuses!

Now Let's Get Your Website Done!


Cathy Ayala

P.S.This WordPress training course is jam packed with tips and tutorials. It will supply you with tons of info that you can apply to your business Right Now! It also has bonus tips for Virtual Assistants. WooHoo!!

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