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Q: What is a Virtual Assistant?

A: A virtual assistant, or VA, is an independent business owner with many years of proven, practical experience in business administration or in her exclusive field. VA’s provide focused administrative assistance or highly specialized services to support small business owners and online entrepreneurs.

VA’s add value to your business by freeing you to focus on your own areas of specialty and money-making skills.

Q: What can a VA do for me?

A: Your VA fills a support role aimed at reducing your own workload and relieving you of non-money-making tasks. You will have access to specialist services only as needed, which means you do not pay for time you don't need — unlike with a regular employee.

Your VA is one of your most flexible resources, able to do as little or as much as you need. You can hire a VA to perform a one-time only task (such as Shopping Cart set up) or you can contract her services on a regular basis such as a set number of hours per month.

Our VA’s understand the principle of confidentiality and will sign a non-disclosure agreement to protect you and your business. They save you time, make you money, add professionalism and expertise, and help your business run smoothly.

Q: Will I be able to set my Virtual Assistant's hours?

A: Yes, you will be able to choose the days or hours that work best for your needs. Our hours of operation are from 10am – 5pm on a standard, five-day work week, in Eastern Standard Time, so you can choose any combination of days and hours that work best for you within those periods. You may specify the number of hours or days per month you wish to commission, plus advise us of any deadlines, but keep in mind your Virtual Assistant is an independent business person like yourself, not an employee.

Q: Is there an extra charge for weekend work or “rush” jobs?

 A: All weekend work and “rush” jobs with a turnaround of less than 24 hours will incur a $10/hour fee on top of hourly rate. You may also increase your chances of having your project turned down if none of our service providers are available on such short notice.

Q: Do you have references?

 A: Visit our testimonial page to see what some of our satisfied clients are saying about us.

Q: Will my virtual assistant work exclusively on my business?

A: Your VA is an independent business owner, like yourself. She will almost certainly have other clients and she may on occasion outsource specialized areas of her business in order to meet your needs to the highest level.

Rest assured, however, that confidentiality will be top priority and all non-disclosure agreements signed with you will also apply to those on her team, as well as, those she hires for a specific project.

Q: What are your payment requirements?

 A: Depending on your package we may require payment in advance for the full amount via PayPal, on signing the project contract or we may require a 50% non-refundable retainer in advance, with the remainder to be remitted when your project has been completed. Final payment will be expected within 24 hours of completion.

Q: What is your policy on refunds?

 A: There are no refunds for work completed and accepted or a project already under way, but you may cancel your contract regarding upcoming projects at any time. Communication is important to us. We do our best to serve you to your highest satisfaction, so be sure to let us know if there is a problem at your end or with our services. We will be happy to work with you to resolve it.

Q: How do I download my product?

 A: Upon payment of your invoice, you will instantly receive download instructions, including your access link.

Q: Will I be billed automatically?

A: If you choose one of our 3 discounted, pre-paid retainer plans you will be billed automatically each month via PayPal.

Q: Can I upgrade my plan?

A: Yes, you can upgrade your plan at any time — simply do so via before the end of your month.

Q: Are there any hidden fees?

A: No. There are no hidden fees or costs. If you choose a retainer plan and you reach your hourly limit all work ceases until authorization can be obtained to continue at which you will be billed at the full hourly rate for the hours used during the remainder of the month. There may be some additional services we suggest you obtain which we feel will benefit your business but are merely suggestions and you may purchase at your discretion.

Q: What payment options do you offer?

A: You can also choose to pay weekly (hourly rate) or monthly (retainer/packages). All payments are made via PayPal only.

Please fill out the questionnaire and schedule a complimentary meeting at HERE and we'll be happy to discuss your needs.

Q: Is there a discount for non-profit organizations?

A: We have already pared our costs down to a minimum in order to bring you the most affordable services possible while still maintaining top quality, and regret that we are unable to provide a discount for non-profit agencies at this time.

Q: How many users can I have on my account?

 A: You can have unlimited users attached to your account. You will need to supply access details.

Q: How long does my subscription run?

A: You may choose a retainer or specific package where your subscription is set to auto-renew at the end of that period, using your PayPal account. Quarterly subscriptions and hourly rates becan be arranged upon request.

Example: If you signup on January 1st for a monthly subscription, your account will be automatically charged on February 1st.

Q: Do I need to sign a contract?

A: A signed contract which includes a confidentiality agreement is required in order to use our services.

Q: There's a mistake on my last bill.

A: If you believe you were billed incorrectly, simply send us a message via our project management software or email us at the client only email address supplied and we will address the situation immediately to your satisfaction.

Q: Do you have an affiliate program?

A: We currently do not have an affiliate program but we offer $50 for any referrals who complete to 2 months with us.

Q: Can I pay by check?

A: We do not accept checks at this time. Payments can be made via PayPal only.

Q: How do I upgrade my account?

A: Our support team will be happy to upgrade your account. To request an instant upgrade, simply send a message to our support team.

Q: How do I create a secure password?

A: To maximize the security of your account, make sure your password consists of at least 6 alphanumeric characters or symbols. Avoid dictionary words altogether — alternate between upper and lower case letters (E.g. 7gMd2p91). Never use personal information — significant dates such as a family birthday, the names of children or pets, or your street name, for example.

Also avoid using the same password for more than one login. Keep your passwords in a safe place. And to further keep your account information secure, get into the habit of changing your password regularly.

Q: How do I contact the support team if I need help?

A: Our support team is on hand to assist you during our business hours (10am – 5pm EST) via our project management software assigned to you upon hiring.

Simply log into your Account and select the appropriate project to ensure your question is dealt with as speedily and efficiently as possible.

Alternately, you can contact us directly by email, by sending your request to our client only email address, making sure you put “Support Required” in your subject line. Turnaround is fast and we do our best to respond within 24 hours: If you do not receive a response within that time, please check your spam filters and make sure you have white-listed our email address before sending another email.

Q: How do I open a .ZIP file?

A: Locate the .ZIP file on your computer and double-click the icon. Once it opens, select “Extract All Files” in the top-left menu bar of your .ZIPfile directory. Your files will be extracted to the directory of your choice. (The original, compressed file will remain in its original folder.)

If your files do not self-extract at that point, you may need to download a .ZIP file extractor such as WinRAR

Q: How do I access my past content?

 A: Log into our project management system and look under your specific project and you will find the file section where all downloads are kept. You will be able to right-click and save all of your previous downloads. 

A cost comparison for a

full-time employee versus a Virtual Assistant

COST COMPARISON Full-time Employee Virtual Assistant
Hourly Rate of Pay $20.00 $30.00
Fringe Benefits @ 35%
(Health/Dental/Life Insurance, Retirement Plans)
$7.00 None
Overhead Rate @ 50% (Office Space, Equipment & Office Supply Expense, UI Insurance, Worker’s Compensation, Overtime Pay, Administration Costs) $10.00 None
Total Effective Rate of Pay $37.00 $30.00
**Hours Per Year 2,080 hrs 480 hrs
TOTAL Annual Labor Cost $76,960.00 $14,400.00
Difference = $62,560.00 per year

By hiring a Virtual Assistant…
You SAVE over $62,000.00 per year!

Although the Virtual Assistant’s hourly rate is more than the employee’s rate in the first place, you save the cost of benefits and overhead that would have to be applied to the new employee’s wage. And, because Virtual Assistant’s are usually more experienced, more efficient, and better connected than the employee, you’ll need to devote far less time to the project to get the same results, only 480 hours a year versus 2,080 for the new employee.

**Remember, with a Virtual Assistant, you only pay for the time on task by the minute! No more paying for socializing, hour long lunches or frequent trips to the washroom.

Your employee’s 8 hour day can be crunched into 3-4 hours with a Virtual Assistant.

Simply put, you should contract with a Virtual Assistant because it’s more cost-effective and Virtual Assistants go above and beyond the normal assistant’s duties to impact your own productivity. No task is too big or small for a Virtual Assistant to handle. Even if you only have 1 hour of work a month for a Virtual Assistant to do, a VA can (and will) do it.

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