Being a Virtual Assistant is NOT an easy task

Busy BusinessmanMany think that working from home is a wonderful thing and don't get me wrong it's pretty great but it can also be very distracting and crazy if you're not the type of person that is able to follow a schedule. The best way to handle working from home is to create a daily plan of action and set aside a space for yourself where you can have a little privacy to knock out those tasks.

Personally I never liked working from the kitchen table but if that's the only space you have then make it work for you. Set boundaries early on by letting your family know “It's work time”. If you have little kids you can give them chores or workbooks or sit them down with their own laptops or ipads so they can feel as if they are working just like mommy or daddy. (more…)

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Happy Administrative Professionals Day

Happy Administrative Professionals Day!

To all of the Admin Professionals out there I hope you are enjoying YOUR day and are feeling appreciated for all you do.

You are the heart of every organization and we applaud you for your patience and skills.

The big wigs would be nothing without you!

Here's to all the admin's of the world!!

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Is Your Business Stagnant?

Have your revenues, traffic and/or profits been going down consistently the last few months? If so, your business might need a jump start. An infusion of new energy, drive and vision.

Follow these steps to revive your stagnant business:

Add Someone New

Find someone who is as passionate about your project as you are. Someone who brings their own sense of excitement into the mix along with a fresher perspective.

They don’t necessarily have to be an employee. They can also be an advisor, a business coach, business partner, investor, friend, experienced Virtual Assistant or Online Business Manager. Before hiring someone, run some projects by them and see what types of ideas they can bring to the table. Take some time to evaluate if they are the right fit for your business. Remember this saying “Hire Slowly, Fire Quickly”

This technique can be used to re-kindle an old project as well as starting a new one.

Increase your Hours (more…)
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In-House Employee or Virtual Assistant: Which Should You Choose?

Typical Day for an Employee

9am to 9:15 Clock in and get settled.
9:15 to 9:30 Go to the kitchen to get coffee and chat with Laura
9:30 to 9:45 Pass Jenn's desk and ask about her weekend plans
9:45 to 11am Work (1 hour and 15 min.)
11am to 11:15 Bathroom Break
11:15 to 11:30 Pass Chris in the hallway, he asks how your mom is doing and tells you about his family problems.
11:30 to 12:30pm Work (1 hour)
12:30 to 1:30 Lunch
1:30 to 3pm Work (1½ hours) (more…)
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Never Stop Learning

Yesterday I took a marketing class at the local college and even though I knew most of the information that was being taught, I still learned a few new secrets I can use to improve my business and offer my clients.

I have always been a “PASSIONATE LEARNER”. I am continually improving and enhancing my existing skill sets. I have attended a ton of skill-based webinars, conferences, coaching series and read many eBooks, newsletters and blogs to keep my skills sharp and my knowledge as current as can be! The key factor here is to NEVER stop learning and to invest time and money into regular Professional Development!

The more I learn, the more invaluable my services are to my clients. I find they appreciate the fact that you care about your profession and are passionate about your business to search for different ways to improve your skills and in turn offer them a higher quality of service. With your new found skills you then have more to offer your clients and can provide consultation sessions to find out what their goals are, in order to help them achieve them. I offer new clients a free 30 Minute Consultation before taking on their job to evaluate their needs and guide them in the right direction. Plus new clients also receive a 10% discount off their first month! You may schedule your FREE CONSULTATION HERE. (more…)

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Tips To Improve Your Web Presence

There are many ways to improve your web presence, here are just a few I think are most important…

  1. Video– The best way to promote your site is through video blogging. It can be a major traffic driver to your site. Upload videos onto and post them onto your site. As always, link to all your social media accounts. In the video description be sure to place a link to your site. Instead of placing the link at the end, which is usually the way it's done, place the link at the beginning of the description. This way they don't have to click anything to see your link, it will be seen below the video as soon as the page has loaded.
  2. Blog – BLOG ALOT. Update your site regularly and link it to your social media accounts to get the word out. and Socialoomph are great tools to use to link your accounts.
  3. Engage – Post comments on other blogs (make sure comments are appropriate) and link the comment to your site/blog. Don't just promote your site, build relationships. Keep the conversation going.
  4. Ideas – Run out of ideas to blog about? You can write about current events, client stories, community news, funny stories and sometimes even something a little personal (but no too personal). Remember (more…)
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5 Ways to Get More Followers on Twitter

There are many ways to gain more followers on Twitter. The five I will share with you are some of the most effective techniques we use in our Social Media Marketing/Management Services.  At Virtual Success Assistants, you may choose any or all strategies below when creating your customized plan..

  1.  Organize a Contest:  Everyone likes to get free stuff! Give aways are a very good strategy to use when trying to get your brand noticed. Check out the Twitter Guidelines before starting your contest.
  2. Connect your blog with your other social media accounts especially Twitter: Create an account on and you will be able to connect many of your accounts together. Post onto and it will send the post to all your social media accounts ( Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Yahoo, etc.) automatically which saves you a lot of time.
  3. Engage in conversations: In order to succeed on Twitter you need to socialize with your followers by responding to their tweets, mentions, DMs, and RTs, preferably in real time. The easiest way to do this is to add an app to your cellphone and answer as you receive them. There are many excellent Twitter apps available such as Seesmic, TweetCaster, etc. They are very convenient and most are free. (more…)
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Tips on Hiring the Perfect VA for You

When you can't tell your days from your nights because you've been working so hard all day, it's time to consider hiring some help. Outsourcing is the answer to your prayers. Contracting a VA to assist with all your administrative duties with relieve your stress and give you more time to focus on your business.

Looking for the “Perfect VA for You” can be a daunting task but if you know exactly what you are looking for it will make it that much easier. There are many qualified VA's out there who would be thrilled to work with you but they may not be the right one for “you”.

A few simple things you can do to find your perfect VA are… (more…)

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How to Improve your Business in 2011

It's the time of year for New Year's Resolutions. Don't make promises this year that you don't intend to keep. Make a promise to yourself and your business that you will do things a bit differently this year. That you will do whatever necessary to succeed in your field. Make some changes in your business structure. Maybe add a new product or lower your overhead costs.

Years ago when the economy wasn't in such despair, businesses and entrepreneurs could spend their resources on frivolous things. But the way it is now, money is better spent elsewhere. Think about how much is spent using in-house employees.

How many employees are you currently paying to do the job that one VA could do?

This is an example of how much you could save using a Virtual Assistant (more…)

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Hello world!

Virtual Success Assistants offers a wide variety of services via the internet.

Our staff consists of extremely qualified Assistants who are extremely experienced in implementing your detailed tasks to accomplish your goals. We partner with you to alleviate your workload and express our concerns when necessary in order to achieve the success you desire.

We are located on Long Island in New York so our hours are Eastern Standard Time but after hours can be provided if needed.

Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have, we are happy to help.

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