Business and Marketing Tip #10

marketing tip #10

Start Your Affiliate Program

Imagine yourself in a tug-of-war scenario.

You're on the right all by yourself trying to pull those hundreds and hundreds of customers you want to reach into your marketing funnel. It's not impossible to pull them all to your side without help.

But what would happen if you added two more people to your side of the rope? You'd pull more customers in, right? (more…)

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Business and Marketing Tip #9

marketing tip #9

Psychological Motivators

In addition to appealing to your prospect’s emotions, there are psychological reasons people buy.

For example, there’s a technique called the “Reason Why Device” which basically says, always tell your readers why they need to buy. (more…)

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Business and Marketing Tip #8

marketing tip #8
Give away a freebie(s)

Who doesn’t want to get more for their money and who doesn’t want to get something for free? We all do, particularly if the freebie has real value.

Imagine you’re in the market for a new pair of running shoes and one brand is offering a free pair of running socks, shorts or a t-shirt when you buy their shoes. You’d be more inclined to at least try that brand on your feet right? Many people would simply make the choice to buy based on that freebie offer. Even if the shoes are a bit more expensive than others. (more…)

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Business and Marketing Tip #7

marketing tip #7

Build a loyal, steady customer-base

“BUILD A LIST!” As a marketer, I'm sure you've heard this many times over. Building a list is one of the most vital steps you can take in the advancement of your online business. Twitter is pretty much the same as building a list – although it might be even more effective in the long run.

When it comes to an email list, a large portion of your subscribers won't even glance at the emails you send. Their eyes will glaze over and they may even send it to the trash. (more…)

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Business and Marketing Tip #6

marketing tip #6

Promote Others on Facebook

Twitter has their RT (Retweet) option and Facebook has a similar option.

At the bottom of most posts there’s a “Share” option.

When you see a post that is relevant to your audience, click on “share”. It will be posted to your wall and your friends will receive the information.

This is a fantastic networking tool and may motivate others in your circle to friend you and share your information as well.

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Business and Marketing Tip #5

Marketing Tip #5

Facebook Posts

What you post is as important as how often you post. Let’s just say up front that posting promotion after promotion and link after link to your business website is as much of a turnoff as SPAM is in your email inbox. You will lose friends instead of making them.

So what do you post?

Valuable information! It’s absolutely okay and recommended to publish content specifically for your Facebook audience. Publish tips, quotes, tidbits of information, links to your blog posts and new articles and even links and information about your industry that lead to websites other than your own. (more…)

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Business and Marketing Tip #4

Marketing Tip #4


Make Sure Testimonials Are Meaningful: If your customer said you can only publish her first name and she simply said, “This is the best XXX I’ve ever tried,” you probably shouldn’t post it on your website.

Testimonials need to come from real people with real names and talk about real things. Make sure your testimonials have concrete detail including what your customer liked about your product and what results it produced for her.


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Business and Marketing Tip #3

Marketing Tip #3

Improve Your Headline

When approving copy to appear on a website, many business owners don’t consider the effectiveness of headlines. The assumption is that readers will continue to the rest of the copy regardless of what is at the top of the page. This assumption can be a very costly mistake.

Make sure your headline is an accurate representation of what your product is, its main benefit or USP. Ideally, your headline will represent your product and move it at the same time, as headlines are rife with the potential to sell your product before readers even begin reading your copy’s body. Two ways to ensure that your headline sends out the right signals is to be specific and to include benefits in it. (more…)

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Business and Marketing Tip #2

marketing tip #2

Know What Makes You Unique: Unique Selling Position (USP)

Once you streamline your website, identify your target market and find prices that appeal to them, your next duty is to develop a unique selling position (USP).

A USP sets your product apart from others on the market. It’s what increases conversion rates and turns a potential customer into an actual one.

What Makes Your Product Different & More Desirable Than Others?

Compare yourself to the competition. Why would your customer buy your product instead of your competitors? (more…)

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Business and Marketing Tip #1

Business and Marketing Tip #1

Give Potential Customers a Preview of Your Product

Building customer interest and excitement is the first step to successfully marketing many products. Autoresponders play a vital role in building this interest and excitement. For instance, if you were developing an ebook, you may want to start telling your website visitors and opt-in subscribers about it. Start building interest; tell them what this product will do for them, and how soon it will be available.

Do more than build interest by telling them about it. Use an autoresponder to let them preview your product! Even though you will be selling the product, you can allow your potential customers to preview the information. You've seen the previews for movies that will be playing in theaters soon… it's the same concept. (more…)

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