Having worked in New York City as an Administrative Assistant paved the way to creating Virtual Success Assistants


I've always enjoyed working in the administrative field. Aced all the administrative and computer courses in high school and went on to study Office Automation at college. I enjoyed it so much that I worked 7 days a week at two different offices! I even had the privilege of working in the World Trade Center for a few years. (Just mentioning it makes me teary eyed).

After having my 2nd child, we moved from the city to the suburbs to give them a better life; better schools, better neighborhood, etc.  Not having anyone in the area that I knew well enough to trust with my children created a problem for me. I couldn't work outside of my home and I wouldn't hire a random babysitter to watch my children. I didn't need the money, my husband provided for us well but I am a workaholic. There I admitted it! I am happiest when I am in my office working on different projects. My family has accepted it and support me 100%:)

After we settled in suburbia, I began to research work at home jobs and came across a book, can't remember the title, but it listed many jobs you can do from your own home. I was excited! I began to make a list of the jobs I wanted to pursue, turned the extra bedroom into my office and Cathy's Office Services was born!

My daughter was 4 and my son was one. It was a struggle at first to promote the business and raise my children but we quickly established a schedule.  I put in a business telephone line, sent out several mass mailings in my area and obtained a few clients. Slowly the business began to grow.

A few years later I decided to go virtual and the business took off! Now I have several skilled assistants working with me and the feeling of accomplishment when I know a job is well done never gets old.

After years of being known as Cathy's Office Services, I was advised by one of my mentors that I should change my name to better suit my current business. I brainstormed for days asking everyone for advice and so Virtual Success Assistants was born!

As a Virtual Assistant, I have high standards for myself, my staff and my work. Taking pride in my professionalism and integrity allows me to provide you with the confidentiality and quality your projects deserve.

If you would like to discuss our different types of marketing, administrative, social media and office services, Click Here to schedule a meeting with me and I will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Or you can email me directly at cathy@virtualsuccessassistants.com and see what my business can do for yours.

Thank you for taking the time to learn a little about me. I hope you will give me the pleasure to learn a bit about you and your business.

Take care and Best of Luck!


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