Fast and Easy Home Office Organization Strategies


Organized-officeA well-organized home office will increase your energy, focus and even inspiration levels. Design your office to facilitate your work. A poorly organized office causes you to waste precious time and decreases your motivation.

Here are some strategies for organizing your home office and increasing productivity

1. Put Everything You Need within Reach

A well-organized home office should facilitate productivity. Everything you need throughout the day, everyday, should be closest to your seating area. The goal is to have little to no interruptions while working.

If you have to get up every 5 minutes in order to get something or turn something on, it will be very hard to focus on the task at hand.

2. Phones

If you have a landline phone keep the base on or near your desk so when you have work that needs your undivided attention you can turn the volume off. And when you need to answer the phone, you won't have to get up.

Your cell phone charger should also have a designated place on, under or near your desk. You want to be able to plug in or unplug your phone without getting up.

I would suggest that you shut off all the phones while you are working. If a client has an urgent matter and needs to reach you right away, he can leave a voice mail or text you. In the Welcome Packet you sent your new client there should be a section where you have established a way for your clients to reach you for emergency situations only.

3. Files and Other Resources

Take some time once a week or even once a month to file away your paperwork. Use a system that makes sense to you.

Personally, I organize my files in alphabetical order in different sections. For example, I have a file drawer for my credit cards, one for my bills, one for closed files ( old credit cards and bills) and another drawer for my personal files – each in alphabetical order.

You may prefer to organize your files by topic or chronological order and that's fine too. As long as you find it what you need when you need it, it's all good!

I also find it beneficial to invest in a labeler. Visually it makes a world of a difference! It also allows you to re-label files without the mess and you can use the labeler to organize the rest of the house too.

4. Inbox

Keep an inbox on your desk and place various things you need to process at a later date. If you jot down a phone number just toss it in your inbox and create a new contact when you have the time. This allows you to continue to focus on the task at hand rather than being distracted by every menial task that crosses your path. BUT don't let that inbox overflow. Schedule time at the end of the day or at least every week to clear out that box!

5. Clean Your Office Once a Week

A cluttered office is a cluttered mind!

Put it in your schedule to clean your office once a week. Clear off the desk, organize the files and clear your inbox. Don't let things pile up! It may not seem like a big deal at first, but in a few weeks or months so much stuff gets piled up that it seems impossible to clean! It will drain on your energy and drain your passion.

Pick a time once a week to clean your office it'll make a big difference on your business in the long run. I schedule Saturday mornings to organize my office then I move on to my house.


Having a well-organized home office can be the difference between constant interruption and constant flow. Organize your office around reducing distractions and increasing flow and you'll find your productivity will skyrocket.


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