Following in my Footsteps and I’m so Proud!


My daughter decided to take a page from her mom's book and started her own business at 22 called Vinyl Decals Galore.

She took over my den in order to make Decals for cars, homes, phones, computers and any place else you'd like to stick them. She recently expanded (which means taking more space in my den, Ughh!) by purchasing another decal cutting machine and a steam press to make T-shirts!

So Awesome!

Last September we all pitched in and went to a car meet at our local casino. She made over $700 in 7 hours! $100 an hour! Not bad, huh?


Here she is installing one of her decals on an SUV with her helper (and BF)…

Vinyl Decals Galore


So if you need some decals or T-shirts to promote your new business, check out her website here! She's just like her mom… great attention to detail and always provides quality work.



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