Being a Virtual Assistant is NOT an easy task


Busy BusinessmanMany think that working from home is a wonderful thing and don't get me wrong it's pretty great but it can also be very distracting and crazy if you're not the type of person that is able to follow a schedule. The best way to handle working from home is to create a daily plan of action and set aside a space for yourself where you can have a little privacy to knock out those tasks.

Personally I never liked working from the kitchen table but if that's the only space you have then make it work for you. Set boundaries early on by letting your family know “It's work time”. If you have little kids you can give them chores or workbooks or sit them down with their own laptops or ipads so they can feel as if they are working just like mommy or daddy.

When I work I need total silence to concentrate but not everyone is like that. Some people like a little music in the background while others can work with screaming children running around in the house.

But not me!

It was very hard for me when I first started my business and my children were very small. Trying to balance work and family was a big challenge because I needed to have quiet in order to be most productive. 

But I found a way to make it work!

I made our guest room into my office and scheduled time to work during the kids naptime, during the kids bedtime, and when they got older I worked while they were at school.

Now that didn't give me a lot of time to get any sleep but I knew what I wanted…

I wanted to make a living working from home in order to ALWAYS be there for my children.

If you want something bad enough you must make some type of a sacrifice and mine was sleep. Your sacrifice may be different but a sacrifice nonetheless.

Being my own boss I was able to rearrange my schedule so that I could be at all my kids soccer, baseball, football, and basketball games, my son's wrestling meets (which were all the time!) marching band parades, ballet recitals, award ceremonies, etc. If I worked outside my home in a traditional job I wouldn't be able to do any of these things. I'd be working on someone else's schedule and missing all these important moments in my kids' lives that I could never get back!

I am very grateful to have been able to do this for my family and myself!

Now my children are all grown up (or so they tell me), they still live with me but for the most part they have their own lives. Once they got older it made it easier for me to expand my business. I've opened up the Virtual Business Training School in order to help other business owners make their dream happen. I'm also working on a site to help those who'd like to break into the Virtual Assistant business by helping them search for clients and giving them the training necessary to work virtually. I'm looking forward to helping with those questions new business owners have that hold them back from achieving their goals.

Working from home is challenging and you will have to make sacrifices but in the end it's soooo worth it.

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