Business and Marketing Tip #8


marketing tip #8
Give away a freebie(s)

Who doesn’t want to get more for their money and who doesn’t want to get something for free? We all do, particularly if the freebie has real value.

Imagine you’re in the market for a new pair of running shoes and one brand is offering a free pair of running socks, shorts or a t-shirt when you buy their shoes. You’d be more inclined to at least try that brand on your feet right? Many people would simply make the choice to buy based on that freebie offer. Even if the shoes are a bit more expensive than others.

Imagine you’re seeking information on running. Maybe you want to run a marathon and you’re looking for information on how to train appropriately. When conducting your research you come across a free eBook on the topic at a personal training website. You download it, it’s full of great information and you go back to the website to purchase other products or services.

Freebies work because most people are willing to take them, or download them.

They are your foot in the door.

They also work because they add value to a potential purchase – like the free pair of running socks with a shoe purchase.

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