Business and Marketing Tip #10


marketing tip #10

Start Your Affiliate Program

Imagine yourself in a tug-of-war scenario.

You're on the right all by yourself trying to pull those hundreds and hundreds of customers you want to reach into your marketing funnel. It's not impossible to pull them all to your side without help.

But what would happen if you added two more people to your side of the rope? You'd pull more customers in, right?

What if you added ten more, or fifty, or five hundred?

Having an affiliate program is all about the leverage of a team effort. That's one of the biggest benefits of running your program.

Another thing that happens when you run an affiliate program is that your potential customers start seeing your business in a lot more places. Your logo starts showing up on a lot more sites, there are more articles out there with your name on them and more people are talking about your business.

This creates brand awareness!
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