Business and Marketing Tip #5


Marketing Tip #5

Facebook Posts

What you post is as important as how often you post. Let’s just say up front that posting promotion after promotion and link after link to your business website is as much of a turnoff as SPAM is in your email inbox. You will lose friends instead of making them.

So what do you post?

Valuable information! It’s absolutely okay and recommended to publish content specifically for your Facebook audience. Publish tips, quotes, tidbits of information, links to your blog posts and new articles and even links and information about your industry that lead to websites other than your own.

Let’s say, for example, that your business is an information website about single parenting. If you find an article about five minute meals and you think it would benefit your audience, then by all means post a link and a comment about the article’s contents.

Video and audio links too! Don’t forget that while written content seems to be the standard, people love to watch, and share videos. It goes back to us being a very visual species. And if the videos are humorous, scandalous, controversial, or extremely informative they’ll get shared and passed along like wildfire. Video posts tend to go viral very quickly.

Status Updates:

One of the fun things about Facebook posts is that they don’t have to be 100% logical. It’s fun to simply post what you’re doing. Update your status regularly – once a day is enough. These are often the posts that generate the most interaction.

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